Welcome, Alumni!

We are proud that you are part of Newman Catholic’s history, shaping it into the community it is today. As a Catholic Rutgers - Newark, NJIT, or ECC graduate, we know Newman made a lasting impact on you.

Whether you discovered Christ's love for you and became Catholic through RCIA or your faith was rediscovered and strengthened here, Newman Catholic may have been the foundation of your college experience.

Think of where you are today - your faith, your family, your career. What impact did Newman Catholichave on the person you are today?

Please know we don't stop loving you when you graduate. You will always have a home and a family at Newman. In fact, we consider an “Alumni” anyone who attended Newman while they were a student in Columbia. Maybe that was for one year, four years, or maybe you’ve graduated and still attend Newman.

Please help us to serve you better by filling out your information in the form below so we can add you to our new and developing Alumni Directory!

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