One of the top questions we receive is "who is Newman?" We are named after Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman.

Cardinal Newman lived in the 19th Century.  Born and raised as an Anglican Christian, he converted to the Roman Catholic Church in 1845. He would eventually rise through the clerical orders of the Church, becoming a Cardinal and emerged as a brilliant and renowned Theologian - with one of his great passions focused on the importance of education.  Newman saw Universities and the Church on a similar path - in search of truth.

It was this ideal that captured many peoples attention - both in and outside of the Church.  Not long after his death, the first "Newman Center" was said to have formed at the University of Pennsylvania.  And ever since, many secular colleges and universities around the world, Newman centers have been founded to meet the spiritual needs of the Catholic people as well as to be a voice in the dialogue between the Church and the secular world on these campuses.

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